Class song, Detroit style

With all the great music that comes out of Detroit, every year could choose a Motor City classic as its class song.

In 1973, our song was "Stairway to Heaven." What should it have been ...

Grand Funk and Alice Cooper were big in the hallways that year, but I'll go with either Stevie's "Sunshine of My Life" or Eddie Kendricks' "Keep On Trucking."

Tag. It's your turn.

Class song, Detroit Style

Hmmm, the 1972 class song was James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend" . . . so how about "Everybody Plays the Fool" . . . song by the Main Ingredient, a Motown group that didn't have a boatload of hits, but it's claim to fame is that Cuba Gooding's dad was their lead singer.  How's that for a bit of trivia!:)